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Mental Health-Focused
Life Coaching 

The waitlist for mental health care is astonishingly long in the United States right now! 


Sometimes waiting just isn’t an option! 


Tammy Narance is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is a practicing therapist and finds so much joy in helping her patients. 


Tammy also understands that due to cost, time, and stigma around mental health - therapy is not a viable option for everyone. She knows that some patients do need therapeutic interventions to get the help they need, but she also understands that some of us just need help to develop the skills we need to achieve the life we want. 


So she asked herself… “How can I help more people?” 


After many conversations, with friends, family, and peers the answer hit her! As a licensed Life Coach, and a Licensed therapist she could blend the two together and offer Mental Health-focused Life Coaching


What is the difference between “Mental Health-focused Life Coaching” and “Therapy”?


During your Life Coaching sessions with Tammy, you will focus on the present and the future. She will help you overcome current obstacles, and negative thought patterns, and develop strategies for the LIFE you want to be living now!

In therapy AKA Counseling, a mental health professional will often diagnose you with a “mental health condition. They will focus on unpacking your past trials, tribulations, and trauma in order to help you move forward. They might even prescribe you medication to help with your symptoms. 

Mental Health focused Life Coaching is NOT therapy, but as a licensed professional Tammy can tell you when and if you need to consider seeking treatment from a mental health professional.

During Mental Health-focused
Life Coaching with Tammy Narance,
you will focus on:

Ways to manage your stress and work-life balance

Creating a goal-oriented plan for your personal growth and development

Clarifying your values, goals, and life purpose

Practical actionable skills to address your professional and personal life changes

You will work toward your goals in a variety of manners including, reading, journaling, meditation, and “homework”.

Is Mental Health-focused Life Coaching right for you?

If you are dealing with any of the following Mental Health-focused Life Coaching might be right for you!

Stress & Perfectionism

Burnout & Indecisiveness

Untitled design.png

Feeling stuck & Interpersonal Problems

End or changing of relationships

Life transitions & 

Self-Sabotaging behavior

Tammy's commitment to you! 

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment.

It's a significant one that will require your dedication.

*I will help you explore and make the changes so that you may live the life you want to live.

*I will help you develop confidence in your career and life decisions.

*I will help you to discover and implement what boundaries are best for you.

My commitment is to stand beside you with accountability, understanding and support as you determine your life path.

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